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ANITA PEŠIĆ was born in Niš, Serbia on 8th April in
                                                                         1987.  She  is  a  teacher,  specialized  in  drama  art  and
                                                                         honorable  member  of  the  “Association  of  the  best
                                                                         teachers”  in  the  former  Yugoslavia.  Anita  developed
                                                                         her talent for writing from an early age. So far, she has
                                                                         published  four  books  for  children  of  different  ages:
                                                                         "The  colors  of  my  soul",  "Garden  of  the  Imagination,
                                                                         "Flight to the World" and “Sunny and fairies”.

                                                                                   Anita Pešić

                      Anita’s  writings  are  represented  in  numerous  national  and  international  anthologies.  She  is  the
                      winner of many accolades and awards in Serbia and beyond. Her poems have been translated into
                      English, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Romani language.

                      Anita  is  a  versatile  artist,  expressing  herself  through  photography,  painting  and  creating  unique
                      puppets and toys. She is also organizing art competitions for children, composing songs for puppet
                      theater shows and drawing illustrations for books too.

                      Anita  sees  the  beauty  and  inspiration  in  everyone  and  everything.  Her  motto  is  “Find  out  what
                      makes you happy and then inspire others by doing what you love.”


                                            FIGURES IN EVERY CHILD’S LIFE?

                   When we talk about children, it inevitably brings us to parenthood. What is a parent? He
                   is the first and lifelong teacher to his child. The parent is the first person who influences

                   the psycho-physical development of the child and who builds his emotional being on an
                   extremely subtle level. Lack of love, attention, patience and understanding can lead to
                   serious  changes  in  a  child's  behavior,  and  also  to  many  difficulties  in  interpersonal

                   relationships,  later.  That  is  why  it  is  important  that  the  child  always  feels  loved  and
                   accepted, and that with the help of adults, child grows into a self-confident person who
                   loves himself and others.

                   Unfortunately, we live in such a time where parents are usually overburdened with work
                   and preoccupied with the pursuit of material security. There is nothing wrong with that,
                   until  we  notice  that  we  are  neglecting  our  family  and  that  our  children  are  suffering
                   because of it. If that happens, we will notice that the children are withdrawn, they will

                   show sadness or anger as a reaction to the lack of quality time spent with their loved
                   ones.  Many  parents  do  not  notice  or  understand  these  signals  until  the  kindergarten
                   teachers  introduce  changes  in  the  child's  behavior.  They  are  discussed  in  the  relation
                   educator  -  child  -  parent  and  if  both  sides  have  the  same  priority  (child),  then  every

                   potential problem can be solved.
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