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Arundhati  Mukherjee  from  India  is  an  engineer  by  profession
                                                               and writer, author, blogger, poet and singer by passion. She is
                                                                 Deputy  Chief  Engineer  in  a  Thermal  Power  plant.  She  loves
                                                               writing  on  Science  and  Spirituality..She  writes  in  Speaking
                                                     ,  a  Times  of  India  initiative,  and  Author  in  e  magazines

                                                               like  Pragyata,  Thrive  Global  and  Sivana  East  .She  is  a  Self
                                                               Published  Author  with  Kindle  Direct  Publishing,  Amazon.  She
                                                               has  published  some  e  books  available  in  Amazon.  Her
                                                               paperback  poetry  book  "Bohemians  Rhapsody:  A  Travelers
                                                               Musings Through The Journey Of Life." has been published by
                                                               Evince  pub  publishing  and  available  in  e  book  format  and
                                                               paperback world over in various platforms Amazon, Flipkart etc.

                                                                     Arundhati Mukherjee

                      She has coauthored some national and international anthologies “Rhythms of love”, “Always and
                      Forever” and “Transformation”. Her next poetry book “The Awakening” is in process which will be
                      published very soon.

                      She  is  an  active  member  of  world’s  most  active  writer’s  forum,  Motivational  Strips  and  other
                      international platforms. She has won several awards in various platforms for poetry and her poetries
                      have been published in many international e magazines.
                      List of Books Published & available in Amazon
                      1.Bohemians Rhapsody: A Travelers Musings in The Journey Of Life
                      2.Rainbow: Color of Feelings( Short Poetry book)
                      3.Transformation: The Thirst and the way
                      4.The Green Village In The Snow: The Rejuvenation
                      5.The Light Within: The Search
                      6.Nature Rejoices: In Independence or In Dependence.
                      Links to her published works as Author in e-magazines.

                                                           REVERSE POETRY

                                Reverse  poetry  is  a  poem  that

                                can  be  read  forwards  (top  to
                                bottom)  and  have  one  meaning,
                                but  can  also  be  read  backwards

                                (bottom  to  top)  and  have  a
                                different or opposite meaning. ...
                                The  topic  of  a  reverse  poem  is
                                usually  something  that  has  two
                                opposite viewpoints or sides to it.

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