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Woman; Hyena; Coyote; Tigress

                   You see the chains and snakes which have grown over my shoulders?
                   And you've seen the eagles' nest in my two blinded eyes?
                   And pigeons' nesting like a crown over my head?
                   And you've seen crows sitting on emeralds and diamonds of my body
                   And you are watching this marble throne that's melting in my Crimson Gold

                   And  that  precious  stone  that  has  penetrated  into  my  eyes  to  twenty  one  meters  and
                   shaped your eye pupils
                   And you have seen that on the cliffs, I have breastfed the skinny lambs of the forgotten

                   burnt city in a borrowed land and a city which used to have four ancient gates
                   And I have made love with all naked scavengers, have you seen that?
                   And with all my life passion I have slept with coyotes, have you seen this?
                   And you saw me kissing their sharp claws with a clumsy bow
                   And I've turned into a woman, a hyena, a coyote and a tiger

                   My hollow body
                   Which has been filled all with hay and straw and foils…

                   Had you seen the burnt wind houses and tea gardens and saffron blossoms inside the
                   nest of my breasts
                   How about snakes which are licking my limbs
                   I was the compass of this sea at that Bronze Age

                   A rose which was hanging on pillars and columns of Alhambra, a plant I had become
                   That very scorpion that had wrapped my body and had nested inside
                   The one who had built a house in a tree in a little vault and you had clung into that

                   Stems of my sky that you have wrapped in me and darkened my day which is plain and
                   The fox that was sitting here long in the mud, longing for me, the tigress!

                   I'm the rocks and the corals,

                   Blended in the corals at the bottom of the sea,
                   Getting worn out inside pebbles and swamps of your body,
                   The same string that had been sewn to the sky by you, mighty you!

                   Have you seen the chicory extract mixed with cedar perfume
                   With wild flowers and grass
                   Have you seen the vultures in my Crimson Gold
                   They were chewing my eyes while I was sitting on the marble
                   I'm announcing the time like a woodcutter

                   Or I wish I could echo the owl clock at midnight

                   And what has the Earth done to me?

                   And this whole wild green mass
                   This tigress…

                                                                                          Rosa Jamali , Iran

                    Litterateur                                                                                          22

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                        EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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