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पा तरण                                         TRANSFORMATION

                      र त कह
                     मेरो आँखाबाट ओझेल                                           He turned towards
                     अ हल ऊ                                                      an unknown destination, somewhere
                     फ क रहेछ- अ न  त ग त  तर                                    too far beyond my sight,

                     उसको व रप र  न ल  त रात                                     the impassive night around him
                     ल  यत उ तर भु करहेछ सायद                                    might be barking loudly at his deeds, and
                     र, म                                                        right at this moment,

                     शुभ- च तनमा आकल गीत                                         I, an anxious song of well wishes
                     य तबेल उसमा   त व नत  न चाह छ                               want to resonate along his pathway.

                     टाढा कत  नवा  सत                                            My impervious dreams
                     मेरो  ग म सपना                                              exiled to somewhere faraway

                     घ रघ र बतासमा                                               keeps returning back to me
                     घ रघ र बषा तमा                                              by getting transformed, into
                     र,                                                          breeze at a moment, and rain at the other

                     फ र आँसुमा                                                  and getting converted into teardrops times.
                      पा तरण भएर फ क रह छ
                                                                                 I often get messed up
                     अ म लइरह छ                                                  entirely within myself with a question that
                     आफ भ  एउटा   ल-                                             when the goer
                      यो  नज न बाटो तर मो डएर जान     े                          who has turned towards a desolate path
                     क हल फ क  छ होला                                            would return back to
                     आ न ग त मा?                                                 his ultimate destination?

                     य  प                                                        However, it is certain that
                        छ ऊ                                                      he will speak becoming conclusive delight-
                     अथ भेदक उ यालो भएर बो छ-                                    ‘there is dark outside
                     'बा हर अ कार छ                                              and I am merged within that darkness

                      अ कार भ  म छ                                               and, in me
                       र,                                                        you are assimilated.’
                         म भ   तमी छौ ।'

                                                                                  Geeta Tripathee, Nepal

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