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Geeta Tripathee is a Nepali poet, lyricist, essayist and
                                                                         literary critic. She has two collections each of poetry,
                                                                         lyrical poems and essays and some books on creative
                                                                         nonfiction  to  her  credit.  She  is  a  PhD  in  Nepali
                                                                         literature.  She  is  a  Member  of  Academic  Assembly
                                                                           (Department  of  Literary  Research  and  Poetry).
                                                                         Currently,  she  teaches  language  and  literature  in
                                                                         Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, Nepal.

                                                                        Geeta Tripathee

                                                              ABOUT THE TRANSLATOR

                      Suman Pokhrel is a poet, writer, and translator. He was awarded the SAARC Literary Award in
                      2013 and 2015, and his work has appeared in notable journals worldwide. Suman Pokhrel is also a
                      lyricist,  playwright,  and  artist.  His  poems  have  been  translated  into  Arabic,  Bengali,  French,
                      German, Hindi, Italian, Maithili, Odia, Persian, Sanskrit, Spanish and Urdu. His poetry is included in
                      the syllabus of Language and Literature Study at Tribhuvan University and Purwanchal University in



                                                  Whenever you come to my mind
                                                  my verses, converting to songs
                                                  start flowing towards you.

                                                  During the infinite distance
                                                  between your center and my perimeter;
                                                  I feel, a continuous river of faith
                                                  flowing for ages.

                                                  As long as water is there,
                                                  two banks accompany each other

                                                  for a period perpetual.
                                                  By growing entire waves of reminiscence,
                                                  I, a fellow traveler of the same period

                                                  will keep waiting for the
                                                  melody of your song
                                                  right at the same river … unbrokenly …


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