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                  Photographs  of  meadows  along

                  the Reda River.

                  In the north of Poland there is the

                  pra-valley  of  the  Reda  River  -  a
                  wide glacial valley. Later there was
                  a  swamp  that  the  Dutch  settlers
                  tried to settle, remaining 2 km wide
                  valley  between  the  morain  hills

                  near  Wejherowo.Right  next  to  the
                  main  road  from  Gdańsk  to  the
                  west,  it  stretches  along  a  line  of

                  meadows,  fields  and  canals.  It  is
                  full of field and forest birds, deer,
                  foxes and smaller animals. Full of
                  silence  at  sunrise  and  sunset,
                  smells of mowed grass and herbs,

                  sometimes          ordinary        slurry.
                  Małgorzata  Borzeszkowska  says
                  “For  me,  it's  a  place  where  I

                  breathe  deeply,  I  can  see  a  fox
                  chased away by a pair of lapwings,
                  or     storks      wading       by     the
                  water.”Poland  is  a  country  where
                  you love storks and at many farms

                  poles  with  a  wheel  on  top  are                        17
                  specially  placed  so  that  they  can                                                       Litterateur
                                                                                                                     REDEFINING WORLD
                  nest there.                                                                                      EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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