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A  history  and  English  teacher,  lives  in
                                                                            Poland.  She  has  been  writing  poems  for
                                                                            nearly  20  years,  being  rewarded  in  many
                                                                            smaller  and  larger  poetry  contests.  Her
                                                                            poems were published in three poetic books
                                                                            and  in  many  anthologies  of  poetry.  Poems
                                                                            were  printed  in  several  literary  periodicals,
                                                                            as  well  as  in  the  online  Helicopter  and
                                                                            Fabrica  Librorum.  The  second  volume  of
                                                                            poems      “Inscribed      in   the    landscape”

                                                                            ("Wpisani wpejzaż") was published last year.
                                                                            She  belongs  to  the  Gdańsk  Poets’  Club
                                                                            (Gdański  Klub  Poetów).The  newest  book  in
                                                                            Poland  was  published  in  March  (“On  the
                                                                            border of light and silence"). Her first poetry
                                                                            book  was  awarded  at  the  Pomeranian  and
                                                                            Kashubian Book Fair

                                      Małgorzata Borzeszkowska

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