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                                                        OCTOGENARIAN ANTICS

                         YAHRZEIT FOR ADELLE, JUNE 27, 2021

                        in the five years

                        since I last held your hand
                        I have done much

                        and written much

                        but none of it
                        would have been possible

                        without what I learned

                        in our time together

                        in our happy / sometimes unhappy

                        the years in which we saw each other

                        all the time

                        and were a couple.
                        that was a song that lasted

                        fifty-five years.

                        I am still alive and in love with another
                        but no one can be "replaced"

                        no one can "stand in" for another.

                        first, deep love,
                        you are alive


                        in my dreams.

                                                                      JACK FOLEY, California

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