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                                                        OCTOGENARIAN ANTICS

                   June 5, 2010

                   Jack  Foley  Day  in  Berkeley.  I  received  a  Lifetime  Achievement  Award  from

                   The Berkeley Poetry Festival (thank you, Louis Cuneo).

                   There are photographs, even video, connected with these events. Adelle and

                   I  had  t-shirts  made.  Many  of  our  friends  wore  them.  At  the  end  of  my
                   statement,  I  quoted  Baudelaire:  "J'aime  les  nuages...  les  nuages  qui

                   passent... là-bas... là-bas... les merveilleux nuages!" ("I love the clouds...the

                   clouds  that  pass...there...there...the  marvelous  clouds!")  As  for  poetry,  I

                   added, ça m'a donné quelque chose à faire, it gave me something to do. I
                   also said some words about the poet Leslie Scalapino, who had died in May

                   at the age of 65.

                   Sad events in June. Adelle receiving the news of her terminal cancer, "stage
                   four"  (June  4,  2016).  Adelle’s  death  at  Kaiser  Hospital  in  Oakland  (June  27,

                   2016). I held her hand as she was dying. I knew she was gone when the hand

                   suddenly became cold. It had never been cold like that before.

                   June 5, 2016 (6 years after Jack Foley Day in Berkeley!)

                   I told Adelle, through tears, that I wished with all my heart that the news of
                   her cancer had been given to me instead of to her. She said she would have

                   felt the same way.

                   June, 2021

                   More of cancer in June. In this June I will learn of the possibility of my having
                   MALT lymphoma, a cancer. Fingers crossed. I am told it is a "good" cancer.

                   Days, years.

                   I am a June Bug

                   I crawl into the month

                   And receive joy and sorrow
                   What are days                                                                 Litterateur

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