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Fazlul Haque a rather obscure and controversial Poet and Critic of contemporary bengali literature,
                   was  born  on  September  1,  1961  in  Bangladesh.  He  achieved  his  Post-Graduation  Degree  from  the
                   University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Later he served Govt. services and retired at the end.

                    His spiritual relationship with the ancient Indian intelligentsia and his unrestrained literary prodigy
                   has established himself as a true successor of the lineage of a bunch of Panchakhanda-born Indian
                   philosophers and scholars well-known in the history of Bengali literature.

                  Fazlul Haque, Bangladesh

                                  The tale of grass flowers

                         My family consists of me and my shadow.
                         We do not have any relation for a long time.
                         Sometimes we two pass time together.
                         Annihilated forest marks the end of the days of wild beasts.

                         Nets are not worth entrapping them.
                         My hands and body are besmirched with dirt.
                         With the fall of temperatures, we two busk in the sun.
                         Many a water map washes us away.
                         Unfathomable bubbles still cling to our feet.
                         We are quite fine.

                         If shadow envelops stars, another story will start.
                         Nowadays I am alone in my family.
                         And my mind is like the sunshine
                         having the color of green turmeric.

                         Sometimes I go to the lonely heath of grass flowers.
                         I look here, look there and feel like saying, “All belongs to me.
                         Which one is true, the post storm
                         memory or the happiness left behind ?"

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