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Dipanjan  Bhattacharjee  is  an  engineer  by  profession,  poet  by  passion
                                               and  Indian  by  nation.  He  has  completed  his  B.  Tech  in  2016  in
                                               Instrumentation Engineering and is an alumnus of SRM University. Born

                                               and groomed up
                                               in  Dhanbad,  the  coal  capital  of  India,  he  loves  writing,  reading  novels,
                                               music, long drives and nature photography.

                                                Dipanjan Bhattacharjee,

                                                               Dhanbad, India

                           MY BELOVED PRISONER

                       She's still a prisoner of my thoughts,
                       Swaying my soul with her wraithlike arms,
                       Her fragrance waltz thru' the zephyrs around.
                       Still I'm bewitched in her subtle charms,
                       Tracing her silhouette every misty night,

                       Being allured into her fuming countenance.
                       Far off into the obscure swathes of clouds,
                       I still breathe her secret existence.

                       Quite a long when I gaze into the cerulean skies,
                       I behold an obnubilated adumbration of her visage;
                       Drooping onto my befuddled countenance.
                       It ruffles thru' my dreary skin as an ivory plumage,
                       And enlivens my somnolent heart to her reverberating euphony.
                       Perhaps her soul still reigns me as an oneiric delusion;
                       Driving me into her corsage of memories tethered as one,
                       She is still too green an angel wafting around as a nihilistic illusion.

                       And into the wider horizons being unfurled,
                       Her roseate hues paint my thoughts pristine.
                       And my aubades kiss the rising moon,
                       That scintillates the rhapsodic vibes of my beloved queen.
                       She's still a captive within the rosy crimps of my heart,
                       Being a witness to my unseen tears that drench her soul.
                       Perhaps her mortal corpse hath blended to the earthen crust,
                       Yet she suspires each moment within my immortal whole.

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