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Soumik  Kumar  De  is  a  poet  by  passion  and  a  teacher  by  profession.  A
                                          postgraduate and Master of Philosophy in English literature, Mr De has been
                                          severally  anthologized  in  publications  of  international  repute  like  Setu,
                                          INNSAEI,  Borderless,  The  Indian  Rover,  Lipi,  AWS  e-zine,  Literoma  etc.  His
                                          poems have been included in internationally acclaimed books like Aulos: An
                                          Anthology of Poems; Caravan; Insalutas; Paradise on Earth, An International
                                          Anthology;  Earth,  Fire  Water  Wind,  CYAN:  An  Anthology  of  Confessional
                                          Poetry  to  name  a  few.  His  poems  have  also  been  included  in  Timeless
                                          Inspiration:  An  International  Anthology  2021  and  The  Romantic  Breeze.
                                          Painting  is  another  of  his  special  area  of  interest.  His  oil  paints  have  been

                                          included in many internationally acclaimed books.

                      Soumik Kumar De, West Bengal,


                           The Black Polythene                                             April Shower

                                                                                  I found them
                                                                                  My little ones
                                                                                  On a charcoal afternoon
                                                                                  Set in a jovial mood
                           It was there                                           On the roof
                           Untouched, unfelt                                      Ready to be drenched
                           None knows who's there                                 Beneath the pearly drops
                           Inside the stitch                                      And the roar of thunder rolling on.

                           A mass of hatred
                           A lump of neglect                                      Soon it started to drizzle
                           No wreath, no fragrance                                Slowly at first
                           No pray, no sticks of incense                          Then comes the shower.
                           Far away, detached, debauched.
                                                                                  I was in no mood
                                                                                  To let them soaked
                           Yet                                                    To drag them in
                           No dispute , no quarrel                                I set out
                           No revenge, no violence
                           Whether to bury                                        And the drops
                           Or to ascend over pyre.                                Poured over me
                                                                                  I startled and went
                                                                                  Back to my green days

                                                                                  Now hand in hand
                                                                                  Wrapped with joy
                                                                                  We drenched and drenched.

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