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Josie  Di  Sciascio-Andrews  was  born  in  Italy.  She  emigrated  to  Canada,  at  the  age  of  12  with  her
                   family,  where  she  currently  resides.  She  studied  French  and  Italian  literature  at  the  University  of
                   Toronto and taught for many years. She is a member of the League of Canadian poets, as well as host

                   and coordinator of the Oakville Literary Cafe Series. She has written six collections of poetry and two
                   non-fiction books

                       Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews, Canada


                                                               It’s snowing
                                                               Over a Covid world.
                                                               The snow is cleansing
                                                               The air, weighing
                                                               Each invisible culprit down.
                                                               Each snowflake
                                                               An antidote to fear.
                                                               If only it could!
                                                               Armies of microscopic
                                                               Ice lattices silencing
                                                               Deadly viruses to the ground
                                                               Neutralizing their dangerous
                                                               Spikes in layers of snowfall
                                                               Where they could be titrated
                                                               To innocuous, elemental
                                                               Salve into the soil.

                                                               Like everything else,
                                                               Made into sustenance
                                                               For rebuilding
                                                               Something good.

                   Litterateur                                                                                            66

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