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Eva Petropoulou-Lianou was born in Xylokastro, Greece. She has published books and eBooks: "Me
                   and my other self, my shadow" Saita publications, "Geraldine and the Lake elf" in English - French,
                   as well as "The Daughter of the Moon", in the 4th edition, in Greek - English, Oselotos publications.

                   Her work has been included in the Greek Encyclopedia Haris Patsis, p. 300. Her books have been
                   approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, for the Student and Teacher library. Her
                   new books, “The Fairy of the Amazon Myrtia  "dedicated to Myrto  with a disability, and" Lefkadios
                   Hearn,  Myths  and  Stories  of  the  Far  East  ",  illustrated  by  Sumi-e  painter  Dina  Anastasiadou,  are
                   released  in  2019.  She  recently  published  her  book,"  The  Adventures  of  Samurai  Nogas  san  "in
                   English by the publishing house OntimeBooks, based in England. Collaborates with the electronic
                   literary  magazine  The  poet  magazine.  She  is  his  partner  International  Literary  Union  based  in
                   America. Collaborates for the promotion of literature and promotes the work of Greek poets. Eva is a
                   member of the "Association Alia Mundi" inSerbia, the "International Society of Writers and Artists of
                   Greece"  and  the  "Piraeus  Society  of  Letters  and  Arts"  as  well  as  the  Corinthian  Writers  Society.
                   Recently  Eva  Petropoulou  Lianoy  became  the  National  Chairman  of  Mother  Theresa  International
                   Foundation Greece affiliated India

                            Eva Petropoulou Lianou , Greece

                                                       Hello Loneliness

                                                        Μy loneliness is
                                                        Your lips I kiss once
                                                        Your body I hug in the past

                                                        My loneliness
                                                        Is the dark room with a bed

                                                        U and me talking about nothing

                                                        My loneliness is waiting list of thinks
                                                        Never said

                                                        My loneliness is so deep
                                                        That I don't want even with my heart to share


                                                        My loneliness is like death

                                                        Every time I give a part of me
                   Litterateur                          I take out and share with my beloved                              65
                                                        I hide my self in the poetry
                         REDEFINING WORLD
                       EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU          There exist my loneliness.
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