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We ordered a couple of coffee, it was early October, and a strong wind had been blowing for two
                    days, the weather turned bitterly cold. Having a hot coffee comes in handy at this time.
                    -Why did you choose Beethoven for the competition – asked Nazokat sipping her coffee slowly –If it
                    depended on me, I would choose another composer.
                    -Beethoven wrote perfectly and suitable for the competition –I replied – That’s the reason.
                    -Not only Beethoven, but also Chopin and Strauss are performed, too –she said thoughtfully –I got
                    fed up with such constancy.
                    Feeling pain in my knee, I started to massage again.She was silent for a while:
                    -You really should go to the doctor, don’t refuse. I’ll study by myself.
                    -You finally persuaded me – I told having an imperceptible smile on my face.
                    Nazokat was working diligently, even sweated a little when I got back.
                    -Are these pains consequences of that car accident? – She asked when I sat in the armchair in front
                    of the window to smoke.
                    -Yes, I got hurt my left leg seriously, ever the accident, I suffer from chronic pain.
                    Nazokat was playing the sonata excellently day by day, I was delighted by her performance which
                    was close to perfection that day. Soon she went off. Before getting into the taxi, she looked at the
                    window where I stood smoking - our eyes met momentarily. I embarrassedly drew the curtain and
                    walked away from the window throwing a cigarette butt in the ashtray. Nazokat gave me a call in the

                    evening while I was reading Beethoven’s missives translated into Russian at home.
                    -How is your leg, relieved? – She asked when I picked up.
                    -Still have a mild pain – I answered her frankly.
                    -I have a say in training at home, let me not go yours.
                    -Your will – I responded thinking she must have a valid reason.
                            The day, the contest was supposed to take place, I welcomed Nazokat in front of the Culture
                    Center. Her long hair which strokes her shoulders and waist all the time was tied in a modern way.
                    Outwardly, she seemed blithe trying to wearing a smile, even so her eyes looked sunken and tired.
                    She was with her parents and bosom friend.
                    -How’s your welfare? – She had a rather worried look on her face. As my knee hurt whole night, I
                    appeared a bit pathetic, she carried on: - You look exhausted.
                    -Let’s go to the hall, - I said and showed with my hands that my health is normal.
                    Nazokat followed me, we got in the hall and the organizers of competition hosted us warmly. The hall

                    was not full. There was about a hundred people:  most of them were participants’ relatives and the
                    heads of the clubs, the rest of them were classical music lovers.
                    About twenty participants were being attended, after introducing juries who grade participants’ play
                    one by one, the competition began. I got seat in the front row where the brown piano in the center of
                    the stage could be seen clearly.
                          The  first  three  members  were  much  less  talented  than  Nazokat.  I  felt  it  with  all  my  heart  while
                    performing  works  by  Chopin,  Rachmaninov  and  Shostakovich:  they  mixed  up  quite  a  lot.  Other
                    contestants  were  at  Nazokat’s  level  at  least.  Only  the  ninth  participant  –  a  tall  guy  –  successfully
                    performed a piece of music by Schumann.
                    -Next participant –NazokatAkhmedova - announced the woman – Performance – «Waltz of the rain»,
                    composer – Akmal Rustamov.
                       I was astounded, Nazokat appeared on stage, and she looked around before sitting at the piano.
                    Her eyes met mine, and she took a seat putting her musical score on the piano bench, not on the
                    music rack: she was going to play without them.

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