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Suryakeerthy was  born in the village of Bettahalli in Kunigal
                                                               Taluk  in  Tumkur  district,  Karnataka,India.  He  completed  a
                                                               Masters  Degree  in  Commerce  from  the  University  of
                                                               Bangalore.  In  the  year  2017,  the  Government  of  Karnataka
                                                               has secured a grant from the Kannada Book Authority with
                                                               the  help  of  a  collection  of  poems  titled  "Chaitrakshi".The
                                                               book has been awarded the title of "Summan Somashekhar
                                                               somarapete Dhatti" by the State Kannada Sahitya parishath
                                                               of 2018..Two of his directing plays, " Jalagara,Hennada Batte
                                                               and Animal farm ", were also successful.His reviews, poetry,
                                                               essays and stories have been published in journals such as
                                                               'Vijayakarnataka',  'Vartabharathi',  Taranga,  Sudha  etc.  His
                                                               poems translated also Bengali, Chinese, English and Tamil.

                                                               He  is  currently  an  Assistant  Professor  at  Surana  College,
                                                               Bangalore, Karnataka India.


                                                    Flowers and boy of the valley

                   The loneliness that sits on these valleys

                    Trying to drink disillusionment!
                    To this life who lost everything
                    Some beloved dessert is trying to mix!
                    Sings with these valleys of solitude
                    To plant, one to flowers
                    Lengthy about the pain but,
                    Keep talking!

                    To no one to hear, as no one knows,
                    Once like the valleys of these valleys
                    At least once to the soothing air of cold air, singing to the songs of the birds
                    The pains of loneliness are burning, but those pains that are burning in front of the valleys; Hand over!

                    Caught up in tragedies and washed away frequently here
                    Becomes waterproof like wet clothes
                    Although as fleeting as white fog
                    Look at these valleys to get to;

                    These are some moments of loneliness
                    Getting ahead!

                    Forget about being a valley boy whenever
                   He hears the heavy pains of the valleys
                    I was there before their pains
                    Not at all;
                    Loneliness for years
                    Take care of the valleys lying here
                    Keeping up!

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