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Anila Arun Pillai, lives in Gujarat whose roots are in Kerala.

                                                            She  is  a  research  scholar  with  SVNIT  and  an  assistant
                                                            professor  teaching  CS.  She  is  a  poet,  writer  and  essayist.
                                                            She  has  published  her  creative  and  scholastic  works  in
                                                            National  and  International  anthologies,  journals  and

                                                                  Anila Arun Pillai,India

                                                             Mother's Way

                                        She was there all the while
                                        Yet unseen I stayed within my files
                                        She nurtured at each step: taught me

                                        Desire and Deserve Chance and Change

                                        She was there when I crawled amidst turmoil
                                        Wake call was she to shine and shun that which I have no control on
                                        Many a times I kept thinking of her when away
                                        Many a times I kept wanting to be away when she was closer to all my ways
                                        May a times I wondered how she manages things and keeps troubles at bay
                                        Many a times I long to be her, around her in her lap and feel her essence stay.

                                        Now that I have stole some Grey, she is missed been away and she odes on this
                                        Performed my duties as a mother: together did
                                        Laugh, teach, guide, fought, found solace and changed
                                        Vital is the distance to grow and be raw
                                        You are me and I am for you: Now, then and ever.
                                        Rise to your real size, seize those mesmerising moments that makes you YOU.

                                        Mothers role is such that keeps shifting with pauses: fear, tear and rear
                                        Various emotions clad in one: Love - sincere and clear.

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