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Kapardeli Eftichia ( Greece ) She has a Doctorate from ARTS
                                                             AND CULTURE WORLD ACADEMY. She lives in Patras. She
                                                             writes poetry, stories, short stories, haiku, essays. She has
                                                             studied  journalism  from  A.K.E.M.  and  has  many  awards  in
                                                             national  competitions.  She  has  many  national  and
                                                             international  anthologies  to  her  credit.  She  is  a  member  of
                                                             the World Poets’ society and poetas del mundo and member
                                                             of the IWA.

                                  Kapardeli Eftichia, Greece

                                                              LIGHT SKY

                                                             Nourish the soul bright eyes
                                                                     in a flower stalk

                                                                the world grows sensual

                                                                        In soft soil
                                                                  a handful of light sky
                                                               In my garden lives a cloud
                                                              with crystalline appearance
                                                              light along the secrets vigil
                                                             I cross at dawn of the Heaven
                                                                  the half-closed door
                                                                in the hymn of the wind
                                                               my heart escapes silently

                    Litterateur                                                                                             58

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