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Having interest in different genres of literature, Rehanul Hoque from Bangladesh started by writing
                                                        at an early age. We quote his words.
                       “Falling ‘upon the thorns of life’ as I take refuge in the lap of nature, so also I seek pleasure in
                    words. I find no antagonism between art and science. I believe beauty is religion and literature can
                    build a habitable earth by promoting beauty and truth together through the appreciation of beauty. I
                                                       dream of a future ruled only by love.”
                   His  writings  have  appeared  in  different  journals,  magazines  and  anthologies  like  The  Wagon
                   Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, The Penwood Review, The Pangolin Review, Tipton Poetry Journal,

                   The Piker Press, Cacti Fur, LUMMOX 9, Literary Yard, NAT SCAMMACCA CULTURAL MAGAZINE,
                   AZAHAR REVISTA POETICA, Asian Signature, The Cyclone Will End, Poetic Voices Of The World In
                   2020, North Dakota Quarterly, Love in Summer and so on. He was nominated Best-Of-The-Net in the
                   year 2020.

                                  Rehanul Hoque,Bangladesh

                      If light is life

                      Then VIBGYOR is the secret code
                      Of life, that speaks volumes for
                      Existence.                                                                Rainbow,
                                                                                      Colorfully Colorless!
                      Daubed with a paint
                      Objects and beings become colorful
                      As much as to declare
                      ‘I exist’.
                      On the contrary, the absence of color
                      Makes life dreary and drab enough to become

                      In between life and lifeless-
                      The colors mingle together to form
                      Humanity, having no image.
                      Neither black, nor white, nor albino or brown
                      Arrayed in a light beam- all are colorless

                      In a rainbow nation.

                      Yet, at times, a certain color outshines others
                      It’s an exception, a supernova!

                      The dazzling beauty shines bright
                      No doubt, it’s ‘White man’s burden’
                      To shed light over the darkest corners
                      On earth!

                      Light is life
                      Life is colorful
                      A Rainbow has no image
                      It’s colorfully colorless!

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