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This reminds me of Shelley's famous statement that, ' poets are
                  the unacknowledged legislators of the world'. We have a duty to
                  expose lies and tell the truth, however marginalised we may be.
                  In Campaign Grounds of Upcoming Elections we are presented
                  with the the corrupt way in which elections serve to colonise our
                  minds,  rather  than  expand  our  consciousness  of  important
                  existential issues:

                  'Lives  becoming  total  campaign  grounds/  Occupied  territories
                  /For  everybody  either  born  here  /Or  with  status/  Which  meant
                  holders  of  permanent  papers/  A  step  away  from  citizenship
                  People  with  status/  To  vote  /Refute/  Argue,  speak/  They  too
                  Complain/ Of lives becoming total campaign grounds/ Of being
                  manipulated  /By  strange  vested  interests/  Also  of  one’s  own
                  ethnicity/ And with so much complaint/ So many issues/ Of lives
                  becoming total campaign grounds /May we ask /What precisely Is
                  the election/That we are talking about? '
                   There are some who insist, as Langston Hughes writes, “That all
                  these  walls  oppression  builds  /  Will  have  to  go!”  On  the  other
                  hand, Denise Levertov suggests that “each act of living” might
                  cultivate collective resistance. This wonderfully subversive book

                  encapsulates  the  spirit  of  these  powerful  proclamations,  by
                  looking  at  the  current  state  of  the  world,  from  both  a  personal
                  and  political  perspective.  I  thoroughly  recommend  these  hard
                  hitting,  yet  tender,  edifying,  intriguing  and  beautifully  written
                  poetic works.
                                                                Pankhuri Sinha

                  Bilingual young poetess and story writer.  Two books of poems published in English, ‘Prison Talkies’
                  and ‘Dear Suzannah’. Two collections of stories published in Hindi, called ‘Koi-bhi-Din’ and ‘Kissa-e-
                  Kohinoor' with Gyanpeeth, one of the most prestigious publishing houses in Hindi. Five collections of
                  poetries  published  in  Hindi,  and  many  more  are  lined  up.  Has  been  published  in  many  journals,
                  anthologies, home and abroad. Has won many prestigious, national-international awards, like the Girija
                  Kumar Mathur Award for Hindi poetry while studying for her Bachelor’s in 1995, Chitra Kumar Shailesh
                  Matiyani Award for her first collection of stories in 2007, Seemapuri Times Rajeev Gandhi Excellence

                  Award  in  2013  for  outstanding  writing,  First  prize  for  poetry  by  Rajasthan  Patrika  in  2017,  Pratilipi
                  Award for poetry in 2018, Mathura Prasad Gunjan Award for her second collection of poems in Hindi in
                  2019, Kumud Tikku Award for a story in Hindi in 2020. Her script for the UGC documentary ‘Cobra-God
                  at Mercy’, won the best film award in 1997.

                    Her  poems  have  been  translated  in  over  twenty  two  languages,  and  some  translations  have  been
                  published  in  magazines  in  Serbia,  Romania,  Spain,  Czech  republic,  Macedonia,  Peru,  China,
                  Bangladesh, Nepal to name a few.

                   She won the best correspondence prize for her short story in the first Chekhov literature festival, in
                  Yalta, Crimea in 2019. She has received awards from Albania, Romania, Nigeria, Tunisia, among other
                  countries  for  her  writings  in  English,  and  most  recently  won  the  special  jury  award  in  the  Premio
                  International Poetry contest in Italy. Her writing is dominated by themes of exile, immigration, gender
                  equality  and  environmental  concerns.  After  doing  her  BA  from  Delhi  University,  and  PG  diploma  in

                  Journalism, from Symbiosis Pune, Pankhuri did her Master’s in history from SUNY Buffalo, and has an
                  unfinished  Phd  from  the  University  of  Calgary,  Canada.  She  has  worked  in  various  positions  as  a
                  journalist, lecturer and a content editor.
                                                                 Dominic M Windram,

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