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Dominic M Windram,

                                                                       United Kingdom

                                                            Dominic Windram is a gifted British poet, critic and teacher!
                                                            He also likes to try his pen in French and German

                                                                 Poetry Review- Dear Suzannah

                    Throughout  her  impeccable  book  of  poetry,  Dear  Suzannah,  Pankhuri  Sinha  exposes  the
                    machinations  of  patriarchal  power  structures  via  her  own  harrowing  experiences.  Her  poetry  is
                    punctuated by profound moments of deeply felt sorrow and pain ' That soft/ Laughter infested voice
                    /Disappeared/ Transformed/ Into a painful and pain ridden voice ( Of just not being able to help that

                    It seems to me that speaking truth to power still remains a crucial role of the poet in the face of

                    political and media rhetoric designed to obscure, manipulate, or worse. The poem Survey Phones
                    addresses  modern,  insidious  forms  of  propaganda,  'There  is  nothing  bold  In  the  king  killing  its
                    people/  Its  old  tyranny/  Old  corruption/And  the  surveys  /That  ask  you  to  grade  services  After
                    deliberate service of disinformation.'

                     Sinha's thought provoking selection of poems call out and talk back to the inhumane forces that
                    threaten from above. They expose grim truths, raise consciousness, and build resistance against
                    bigotry and racism in its myriad forms. In Building the Brand of a Nation it is clear that media and
                    big business invariably collude with government to create a hegemony which must be resisted, by
                    the artistic community at least, at all times:
                     'For nation building/ Seems to have become/ A reserve/ A preserve Of the elite/ The ruling/ Called
                    the leadership/ But the crowned really/ They who quietly serve/ Do not build nations anymore/ The
                    lone artist The solitary writer/ Hardly gets mentioned/ In nation building projects/ Nation building
                    seems to have become/ A social game/ Almost something.'

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