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Finger-man held his hand over his eyes. “The smooth people sent me.”

                     “Really?” The sun looked unconvinced.”

                     “Okay, I sent myself. Heck, you’re difficult to talk to.”

                     The sun inclined its head, directing its beam into the dark. “I’m listening.”

                     Finger-man spread his arms wide. “Thank you for your attention dear celestial being. The problem is
                    this; the moon fell from the sky. And if you don’t pick it up there will be chaos.”

                     The sun waxed and waned in agitation. “I just spoke to the moon yesterday and there wasn’t a crisis

                     “It was too ashamed to tell you,” Finger-man stuttered.

                     The sun was thoughtful for a moment. “Hop on, let’s investigate.”

                     Finger-man sat astride the sun. He stabbed it in the back. The sun grabbed at its light leaking out,
                    crying to contain it. Blinded by the brilliant rays, Finger-man pondered the reason.

                                                             Cornelia Fick,

                                                              South Africa

                    Litterateur                                                                                             54

                          REDEFINING WORLD
                        EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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