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The heat in the desert skyrocketed to 116 degrees that day even in the suburb where she lived. She
                  fell asleep that evening in her Kneeling Recliner under the breeze of her extra fan with her television
                  set on. Sometime in the morning she awoke to the sound of singing, the voices of children singing.
                  Had she died and gone to paradise she wondered? She opened her eyes and blinked to make the blur
                  go away and that is when she stared at the television screen. The cameras switched from the choir of
                  East Indian children to the newscasters.

                  They proclaimed with joy that not only had a new stronger Coronavirus vaccine been discovered but
                  so had an actual cure that would help eventually cause the Coronavirus to cease to exist.

                  Marilyns mouth fell open and her dark eyes widened in joyful surprise when a tall young man in his

                  40s  was  invited  to  speak.  Why  it  was  her  brother,  Doctor,  and  scientist  Lucas  Gillespie.  She  was
                  astounded for it was he who discovered the cure, just like he vowed he would.

                  He stood there humble and soft spoken as he told the world that everyone rich or poor would benefit
                  from  this  and  that  soon  the  Coronavirus  would  soon  be  a  tragic  part  of  history  that  future
                  generations would only learn and study about.

                  Her dark eyes shined with hope and pride. When he was through speaking the little children from
                  India, one of the hardest hit countries in the world, were invited back to come and sing again. They
                  sang songs of healing and peace. The last verse they sang was:
                           May the hands of Heaven guide us
                           May the holy angels fly
                           May the Lord heal those from nations so that no one else will die
                           May the God Almighty save us since he heard us when we cry

                           May our lives be everlasting underneath God’s brilliant sky.

                                                    Madeline Clark, United States

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