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Banqobile  Virginia  Dakamela  is  a  published  writer  and  book
                                                            reviewer  who  hails  from  Bulawayo.    She  has  received
                                                            international honorariums and accolades for her brand of poetry
                                                            and  prose.One  of  her  stories  was  published  in  an  anthology
                                                            which was studied at high schools and is a set book in a local
                                                            university. Her works appear or are forthcoming in publications
                                                            like  Better  Than  Starbucks,  Hawaii  Review,  Pond  Savant  and
                                                            Piker Press . She contributed to Eidos: Volume Two of Unitatis

                                                            published  by  Ukiyoto  Publishing.  She  is  currently  working  on
                                                            her children s novel.

                                           Cabinet Meetings by Ndaba Sibanda

                                                                     A review

                             Banqobile Virginia Dakamela,

                                          Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

                         The  book  kicks  off  with  a  scene  featuring  a  technology-crazy  old  man  who  is
                         drinking  with  a  girl  young  enough  to  be  his  granddaughter.  The  old  man`s  table
                         manners do not endear him to the girl either.

                         The  novella,  Cabinet  Meetings  is  an  exploration  of  gender  relations  set  in  a
                         background  of  economic  instability.  The  novella  centres  on  the  character  of
                         SekaBuhle who is an avowed    alcoholic.  The  editors  of  Huza  Press,  a  Rwandan

                         publishing house are of the opinion that the premise and direction behind the story
                         of a ranting husband Muzi-- is interesting. They describe Sibanda s vocabulary as
                         well off. They commend the author for his use of some common idioms that give the
                         story a sense of social context.

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