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Dr.  Sajid  Hussain  --  from  Pakistan  --  is  a  highly  educated  and
                                                    multidisciplinary  Poet.  He  is  a  Master  Trainer  of  "Low  Cost  and  No
                                                    Cost of Science Material" Homeo Doctor, senior teacher of Chemistry
                                                    in  FDE,  and  Ex-Principal  of  Jinnah  Public  School.  He  has  received
                                                    many courses and certificates from CIDA and USAID programs.
                                                    Sajid Hussain is a promising Poet already participating in innumerable
                                                    poetry  contests  world-wide  while  winning  many  certificates  of
                                                    excellence. He has written more than 400 poems so far, many of them
                                                    being published internationally in different magazines. He is seen to be
                                                    published  every  month  in  Poets  Unlimited,  an  internationally

                                                    recognised literary magazine.

                                 Dr. Sajid Hussain, Pakistan


                                                Some noises that might wake,

                                                A sleeping breathing of humanity,

                                                Why rather thou are in smoky hovels,

                                                With choking hazards in the essence,

                                                Of an injured or neglected one,

                                                Steeping on muddy toys in the dark,

                                                Deprived siblings seeking outfits,

                                                Healed wipes from an eagerness,

                                                For a slice of a bread,

                                                Heat through holes of an adaption,

                                                Occupied by one on floor of dust,

                                                In a personal space of his shadow,

                                                Outside rain thrums against the root,

                                                As on narrow and uncozy a rabbit's den,

                                                Fewer bells and whistles with dim callings,

                                                On wheels hum with a little click,

                                                Hanging overhead of dressers of life,

                                                But sounds sleep cooing or crying of,

                                                The muffled voices of inner in another room.

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