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Tapas Dey, living in a small town Mathabhanga, Coochbehar in India is
                                                    working as a teacher. He is an avid poetry reader and writing poetry is his
                                                    passion.  His  first  book  of  poems  “A  Green  Canvas”  exhibit  his  poetic

                                                        Tapas Dey, West Bengal,


                                                      Of course, bye bye

                    All the letters of the alphabet are up to date,
                    Dust of each road is much active,

                    The universal age is now at stake,
                    Stone eyes at the blurred thought,
                    Blood or bloodless, all the same,

                    An azoic, before the sun sets.
                    The midnight looks blank,
                    The full moon is no more cryptic,
                    No more an inviting festival,
                    An inert oncoming is in the mirror

                    Always limping towards the dead line,
                    A cursory signature on the page
                    Of the life book is left behind.

                    But !
                    History of Covid -19, ominous sky,
                    A lifetime storm lodging the
                    Standing head of threat,

                    Without bearing the palm,
                    Shall take shelter behind the permanent cloud.

                   Litterateur                                                                                             42

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