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Santosh  Kumar  Pokharel  is  a  multilingual  Poet,  Editor,  and  Translator  from  Nepal.  He  writes  in  four
                  different  international  languages  and  has  written  thousands  of  poems  in  Nepali  English  Hindi  and
                  Russian. His poems have been translated into twenty-two languages of the world so far and published.
                  His poetic journey started at the age of 13. Writer of five books and the founder of International Forum
                  of  Literature  Poet  Pokharel  is  laureate  of  highly  prestigious  international  award  ‘Mahatma  Gandhi
                  International Award for Creative Writing 2018’ and Nikolai Gogol International Award,The World of he
                  Borderlands  for  his  contribution  to  peace  through  literature  from  Ukraine  for  2021.  Recently  poet
                  Pokharel  has  become  the  winner  of  Anton  Chekhov  International  Award  for  Landscape  lyrics  from
                  Yalta, Crimea 2020. Pokharel is recipient of recognitions as  Poet polyglot Award 2021 from Sevastopol,
                  Crimea and Ambassador for Peace Award from Universal Peace Federation, 2020.

                            Santosh Kumar Pokharel, Nepal

                                             Look into my eyes

                                           Look into my eyes

                                           I am in real I am
                                           Not me in disguise
                                           Who endears you that much!
                                           Don’t take him otherwise

                                           Come on, be my size

                                           Hurry up you won’t make delay

                                           As emotions won’t wait for, I say
                                           Those now have risen for you
                                           I am hundred percent true
                                           Open are my skies

                                           Trust me as there are
                                           No lies!
                                           Come on, look into my eyes!

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