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Nafisa Parvin Irani is a language student. She did her MA in
                                                              English  and  had  her  B.Ed  degree  too.  Presently,  she  is  a
                                                              high school teacher from 2008. She comes from a very small
                                                              village named Sujapur, of Malda, of West Bengal state, India.
                                                              Nature loving, free spirited lady, loves to dive into emotions
                                                              and gives responses to her inner call through her writings.
                                                              She loves to write poems, short stories and positive quotes.
                                                              Her  writings  published  through  various  online  magazines,
                                                              including Litterateur RW.

                                            Nafisa Parvin Irani , India

                                                               Melodious Rain

                  You promised me
                  That you will come and take me
                  With you

                  To the forest
                  To drench in the rain
                  But you didn't.

                  I was sitting beside my window
                  In waiting
                  Mongering in your dreams

                  Listening your favourite songs
                  The sky felt my pain that day
                  That's why it was raining.

                  I wanted to be a vagabond
                  With you
                  In the forest
                  To feel the silence

                  Of rain forest
                  But you didn't.

                  I was heart broken

                  Tears rolled down my cheeks
                  But the rainy melody stopped
                  My sobbing...
                  Healed my heart...

                  I was gifted to have a romantic
                  rainy evening with myself
                  That I forgotten for you
                  But get back in your absence.

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