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Aleksandra Lekić Vujisić (Podgorica, Montenegro, born in 1979) is a
                                                          professor  of  English  language  and  literature,  and  a  passionate
                                                          writer  of  prose  and  poetry  for  children  and  grownups.  She
                                                          participated  in  poetry  festivals  across  Europe  and  her  works  have
                                                          won prizes and acknowledgments in Montenegro and worldwide.

                                                          Aleksandra  writes  in  her  native  language  and  English,  and  her
                                                          stories and poetry have been published several times and translated
                                                          into  Italian  and  Spanish  language.  In  2017  she  started  a  literary
                                                          project in order to promote the importance of reading for children
                                                          and starting from May 2021 she is a member of the Association of

                                                          Montenegrin authors for children.

                      Aleksandra Lekić Vujisić, Montenegro

                                                            Quarantine blues

                                                                               I don’t remember life behind these walls
                                                                               I don’t understand the corporative pain

                                                                               The loss and the goals
                                                                               For me this is freedom
                                                                               And I know it’s hard to understand
                                                                               I don’t understand it either

                                                                               The need to lie and pretend
                                                                               I can’t call things with wrong names
                                                                               (or right names for that matter)
                                                                               I can’t play the vicious games

                                                                               I don’t understand them either

                                                                               I woke up like this
                                                                               Because this is how I woke up

                                                                               Many times, before,
                                                                               I enjoy peoplelessness
                                                                               I can’t pretend anymore

                                                                               Blessings or curses
                                                                               Always wearing the wrong veils
                                                                               In the church of sins
                                                                               I still can’t fulfil the emptiness

                                                                               The silence is my sister
                                                                               My mother and my curse
                                                                               Words are like a blister

                                                                               Red shoes are only making it worse
                                                                               So it I sit down in my room
                                                                               And I enjoy
                                                                               People are getting better

                                                                               I am getting worse
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