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Emiliya  Ahmadova  was  born  in  the  city  of  Baku,  the  capital  of
                                                       Azerbaijan.  She  has  diplomas  in  business  management,  as  well  as  a
                                                       Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in human resources management. She also has
                                                       International diplomas in the advanced study of the theory and practice
                                                       of    management,       administration      and     business      management,
                                                       communications,  hotel  operations  management,  office  management
                                                       and  administration,  and  Professional  English  from  the  Cambridge
                                                       International College, in addition to a certificate in novel-writing.
                                                       Emiliya  likes  being  around  people,  adores  travel,  enjoys  playing
                                                       soccer,  and  relishes  helping  other  people.  She  has  written  Broken
                                                       Chains, A Hell For All Seasons, Caribbean Tears, My Twin Sister And I.

                                                        Currently she is working on her 5th book. Along with writing scripts or
                                                       books she writes articles.

                              Emiliya Ahmadova, Azerbaijan

                                                         A GLITTER OF HOPE

                                               There are stinging thorns and recollections of life.
                                               You bleed inwardly, stabbed by them.

                                               On your eyes sometimes tears develop.
                                               But with a grin, you are trying to disguise them.

                                               You toil for many hours every day.
                                               When it gets darker, you start to wonder why?
                                               You are unable to enjoy the results of your labor.
                                               It appears as if everything you accomplish is for naught.

                                               However, when you turn to God and pray.
                                               Gladness floods your heart and dulls your suffering.
                                               A glitter of hope is burning in your heart.

                                               You know that one day you will experience real bliss.

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