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Sharmila  Poudel  born  in  Pokhara  Nepal  started  her  schooling  in
                                                       Pokhara Nepal. She is a social worker, Educationist and a psychology
                                                       researcher who is a member of the International Relation Council. She
                                                       loves to write poetry and believes that poetry is the mirror of society.

                                                           Sharmila Poudel, Nepal



                                                                                  Flowers are sunshine, food, and medicine

                                                                                                     To the soul
                        Friendship is the strength of the bond                     Flowers always make people feel better
                        Familiar and liking of each other mind                              Happier and helpful more

                              Trust one another and help                              Flowers can be compared to our life
                              Each other when in trouble                                   Every flower have the death
                                                                                                 Like a human life
                             Friendship brings out the feel
                          A man's inner feelings, his desires                                 Flowers are the music

                          and frustration, suppressed within                               Flowers are the meditation
                     which brings about a better understanding                               God created us to flower
                                                                                      To be his loving gifts to each other

                          friendship is patient and forgiving                      They are the sunshine and the medicine
                               never failing or forsaking                               Let us make our life like a flower
                          there is a miracle called friendship
                               always gives a special lift
                       friendship is a god's most precious gift


                                                                                               I love the rain
                                                                                        How beautiful is the rain
                                                                                      There is a magic in the rain

                                                                                            I dance in the rain

                                                                                 I see the peace in the beauty of rain
                                                                                  Which symbolize creation and life
                                                                                            When I am in pain

                                                                                             I beg for the rain
                                                                                                I cry in rain
                                                                                        Sitting in the silent land

                                                                                               When it rains
                   Litterateur                            36                I share my feelings, emotions, love and pain

                           REDEFINING WORLD                                           Rain is my like a best friend
                        EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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