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lolanda  Leotta,  poetess  and  storyteller,  was  born  in
                                                       Rocca di Neto (Kr) Italy. She holds a degree in Sciences
                                                       of Linguistic Mediation. CulturalMediator. Recently, her
                                                       poetry  book  “L’esploratrice  dei  sentimenti  e  dei  valori
                                                       umani” has been published in Italy, by Aletti editor and
                                                       literary  critic,  it  was  presented  at  “The  Federiciano
                                                       International Poetry Festival”. Testimonial of the public
                                                       event  was  A.  Quasimodo  theatrical  director,  son  of
                                                       Salvatore  Quasimodo,  Nobel  Prize  for  literature.
                                                       Creative  writing  with:  Mogol,  lyricist  and  record
                                                       producer. Masterclasses with F. Gazzè and G. Anastasi

                                                       songwriter; D. Rondoni, playwright. Her poems may be
                                                       found in National and International literary anthologies
                                                       Recently she was published in The Writers and Readers
                                                       Magazine, The Quiver Review, Lipi Magazine

                           lolanda Leotta, Italy

                           The nobility of man                                A man flees tormented by jealousy,
                                                                              quarrel after quarrel a family falls apart

                                                                              and a child cries.
                                                                              The other face of the man is that of a murderer.
                   Man, free to be human or inhuman,                          He’s violent, mocking before innocent people,
                   dreamer of castles never built,                            he hurts and asks for forgiveness,
                   dedicated husband, prefigured,                             the trust of a woman in a man is misplaced,

                   refined lover, incomparable,                               she mourns her misfortune.
                   he’s reluctant to display his emotion,                     Cry out the heroes due to the anger and pain,
                   he doesn’t show his sensitivity                            Cry the refugee, asylum seeker,

                   useless trappings.                                         the migrant accused and the illegal immigrant.
                   Men play with dolls that become women                      Cry the man who loses his dignity and die.
                   and plan the future of other lives.                        Magnanimous is the man who brings respect
                   You’re proud to be a man,                                  for himself and the others.
                   vigorous fighter,                                          The nobility of man, is my favourite,

                   exemplary of husband and father.                           it’s that of the soul.
                   frustrated and depressed,
                   sometimes man cries if he loses a child.

                   A man tired of being misunderstood
                   goes away, his silence not understood
                   by her lover diffident, flow into the cry.

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