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“I now want to give the common man weapons against the intellectual man. I love
                                   the common people. I want to arm them against the lawyer, the doctor, the priest,
                                   the  literary  man,  the  professor,  the  artist,  and  the  politician,  who,  once  in

                                   authority,  are  the  most  dangerous,  disastrous  and  tyrannical  of  all  the  fools,
                                   rascals,  and  impostors.  I  want  a  democratic  power  strong  enough  to  force  the
                                   intellectual  oligarchy  to  use  its  genius  for  the  general  good  or  else  perish.”  --
                                   Bernard Shaw

                        While this national historical taking                    Don’t fall for the desiring machine
                        has its ontology via Aristotle’s timocracy,              that coerces you into demanding
                        that is the notional republic of property.               the inverted totalitarianism,
                        If you ain’t got any you ain’t nobody.                   the system where corporations

                                                                                 corrupted and subverted democracy.
                        The pandemic plutocracy is ready                         where economics becomes
                        to evict you from your republic.                         the best politics.

                        Long gone is the meritocracy                             Where the failed mantra
                        of the Pentacosiomedimni,                                of, “it has to be a market driven solution”,
                        “Men of the 500 bushels”,                                consumes every natural resource
                        who could serve as generals,                             and living beings are commodified
                        the “Hippeis” who could serve as knights,                and exploited

                        the “Zeugitae” the tillers,                              by large corporations
                        who owned at least one beast of burden,                  to the point of collapse
                        and the lowly, “Thetes”,                                 as excess consumerism

                        the manual laborers like you and I.                      and sensationalism lulls
                        The bare life of the essential worker.                   and manipulate us
                                                                                 into surrendering our liberties
                        The aristocracy has already                              and our participation in governmentality.
                        capitalized the pandemic paranoia

                        engorged their capital coffers                           We must own
                        Of the 98 trillion of household wealth                   that the nostalgic normalcy
                        held by the richest 20%,                                 turned us into the contagion,

                        based on the National Bureau of Economic                 We are the virulent virus
                        Research,                                                and the cancerous cause.
                        while they starve you out at home;
                        while you sulk in the existential anxiety                The problem with saying,
                        unemployed while they lament                             “When things get back to normal”

                        if you deserve a lousy 1400.00 check.                    means we won’t resume
                                                                                 regular life for a while;
                                                                                 some things have
                                                                                 changed permanently.

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