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Tezozomoc  is  a  Los  Angeles  Chicano  Poet  and  2009  Oscar
                                                               Nominated Activist and has been published by Floricanto Press,
                                                               “Gashes!:  Poems  and  Pain  from  the  halls  of  injustice”,  a
                                                               collection  of  poetry,  ISBN-13:  978-1951088040,  9/2019.  He  has
                                                               also been published in the following journals/anthologies: 2021

                                                               Boundless  Anthology,  4/15/2021,  Rigorous  Journal,  9/21/2020,
                                                               Red Earth Productions & Cultural Work, 12/17/2019, Underwood
                                                               Press,  9/9/2019,  Mom  Egg  Review,  5/6/2019,  Love  Letters  to
                                                               Gaia,  An  Anthology,  4/20/2021,  Los  Angeles  Poets  for  Justice,
                                                               03/15/2021, I Can’t Breathe, A Social Justice Literary Magazine,

                      Tezozomoc, Los Angeles, United States


                        Ol' man river,                                                       The positioning
                        Dat ol' man river                                                    of the minority rule
                        He mus'know sumpin'                                                  back at the end
                        But don't say nuthin',                                               of the production,
                        He jes'keeps rollin'                                                 legitimizing      the      wolf’s

                        He keeps on rollin' along.                                           game.
                                                                                             of  tyrannically  taking  its
                        He don' plant taters/tators,                                         bite.

                        He don't plant cotton,
                        An' dem dat plants'em                                                The pandemic pendejos
                        is soon forgotten,                                                   pushing to re-open their
                        But ol'man river,                                                    extractive oligarchies
                        He jes keeps rollin'along.                                           in their putative paranoia

                                                                                             of missing out on a profit
                        As the potential                                                     at  the  expense  of  your
                        for a restorative point                                              essential life.

                        we are hearing                                                       The  re-structured  class  of
                        the mantra                                                           experts
                        of a return                                                          who  prop  up  the  minority
                        to a nostalgic normalcy.                                             rule, and justify

                                                                                             the putative profiteers
                        That mythical past                                                   need to bury their aged
                        that never really existed.                                           and learned comrades

                        but highly advertised                                                and continue
                        by the passion peddlers                                              to act against the interests
                        and the putrid pundits.                                              of the common people:

                   Litterateur                                                                                            32

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