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Koyel  Mitra  is  an  M.Sc.,  B.Ed  .  and  teaches  Mathematics  at  a
                                                               government-aided  High  School.  She  has  authored  two  poetry
                                                               books namely ‘Once upon a Rhyme’ and ‘ A Poet’s Nook’. She
                                                               has been writing poems since long and has been awarded prize
                                                               at an international poetry competition.

                                                                              Koyel Mitra,

                                                                            Kolkata, India

                    The Ants were busy drying their stored grain,                          The Ants and the

                    When the starved grasshopper begged like a bane.
                    With a fiddle under his arm he hopped,                              Grasshopper Retold
                    Hearing the strong refusal he stopped.
                    The Ants asked him the reason of hunger.

                    “I was playing music all last summer.
                    I did not notice how passed night and day.
                    I was too preoccupied with my play.”
                    The ants turned away from him in disgust.

                    Ample tears from his small eyes now did burst.
                    Thus comes a nice lesson for you, “Children!
                    Balance work and play with apt acumen.”

                                                                          Will you light me the lamp of knowledge?
                                  The Lamp of                             Will you light me the beacon of hope?

                                    Knowledge                             Because I am engulfed with despair;
                                                                          My untold stories reach no ear.

                                                                          Will you be my Saviour?
                                                                          Will you be my inkling of love?
                                                                          Because I am drowned in the ocean of ignorance;
                                                                          My endless screams reach no ear.

                                                                          Will you be the Angel of My Life?
                                                                          Will you be the rays of education?

                                                                          Because I am wrapped in utter darkness;
                                                                          My earnest requests reach no ear.

                                                                          Will you be the Teacher of My Life?
                                                                          Will you be the Painter of My Soul?

                                                                          Because I am cursed with illiteracy;
                                                                          My helpless cries reach no ear.

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