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Ken Gosse,Mesa,Arizona

                     Ken Gosse prefers writing rhymed metric verse with whimsy and humor.
                     First published in First Literary Review–East in November 2016, his poems
                     are  also  in  Pure  Slush,  Grand  Little  Things,  Home  Planet  News  Online,
                     Spillwords,  and  other  publications.  Raised  in  the  Chicago  suburbs,  now
                     retired, he and his wife have lived in Mesa, AZ.

                  Advice a Dad Wants His Daughter to Know—And the Advice He Gave Her Beau

                   If You Plan to Marry a Man                                                 If You Hope to Twirl a Girl
                   If your mother was here,                                                     If you hope to twirl a girl,
                   I’m sure she’d draw near                                                    don’t feed her lines which make her hurl.
                   with advice, wise and nice,                                                Your bawdy stories just might dock her—
                   very sweet to your ear.                                                       in that case, why not just sock her?
                   But since I’m alone,                                                            Ne’er assume a locker room
                   I’d best not use the phone—                                              is where she’s searching for a groom.
                   if I call I would bawl
                   for the loss that we’ve known.                                          Even if she plays the tart
                                                                                                                and fills a phrase with gutter art,
                   If you should plan                                                              still seek and find her gentler heart
                   to marry a man,                                                                  for sometimes we all play a part—
                   it behooves you to find                                                     most often just to get along,
                   the best one you can,                                                        for we’re all hoping to belong—
                   who’ll walk close beside you                                            while deep within we shun what’s wrong.
                   to help you and guide you
                   and when he’s above you,                                                And don’t forget to add some polish:
                   will pull you, not shove you.                                             clean your act and don’t demolish
                                                                                                                work begun in hopeful fun—
                   He’ll be a swell dad                                                            you’re in to win and not to stun.
                   and not a foul cad,                                                             Prepare for a long-distance run,
                   a washer and cooker,                                                        for this is how dear hearts are won.
                   perhaps a good looker
                   who’ll earn enough bread                                                 Learn what she wants; fulfill each need;
                   with a true, level head,                                                      accomplish this by word and deed.
                   and won’t only play in                                                       Forsooth, in truth, this game we’re in,
                   but help make your bed.                                                   when played just right, is when both win.

                   He’ll laugh along with you                                                Consider, too, that if you marry,
                   and carry a tithue                                                              sometimes she’ll be quite contrary,
                   to dry your damp eye                                                        oft’ your fiercest adversary,
                   ’neath a dark, cloudy sky.                                                 reaping for her cemetery!
                   A wonderful guy                                                                So take care: be kind but wary—
                   whose life isn’t a lie;                                                          There’s a pit in every cherry.
                   who’ll be honest and true
                   when he says, “I love you.”                                              But, with tender, loving care
                                                                                                                each pit may blossom in Spring’s air,
                   Then, if you find                                                                 its petals falling on your bed,
                   that your heart’s on his mind                                           reminding you of why you wed.
                   and you’ve come to learn, too,
                   that his heart’s within you,                                                If she’s the girl you’d like to twirl,
                   please marry this man—                                                    her body, mind, and heart will whirl
                   set a date for your plan—                                                  when comes the season
                   for there’s reason to hope                                                 you’re the reason
                   that he’s not just a dope.                                                   that she chooses to unfurl.

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