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Allan  Lake,  a  stray  from  Saskatchewn,  now  writes  poetry  in
                                                               Melbourne, Australia.
                                                               His  latest  chapbook,  ‘My  Photos  of  Sicily’,  was  published  by
                                                               Ginninderra Press, 2020

                                                                    Allan Lake, Australia

                                                             Such a wee terror, this mongrel pup!
                                                             Tears at jeans with paring knife teeth

                                                             that do serious damage. Never tires,
                                                             ever ready to batter soft human flesh.
                                                             Somewhere in marrow a memory

                                                             of pack hunting us, not for us.
                                                             Leash? A tangled mess today.

                                                             Covi is ready to wrestle whole world
                                                             and win. No notion of protocols
                                                             in public places or the forces that can
                                                             be arrayed against chaos. Cov runs riot
                                    Covid                    in a park then continues at the local cafe

                                                             where innocent patrons dare to pet

                                                             then retreat to a seat to nurse injuries.
                                                             The wet nose, bat-like teeth and tireless
                                                             tongue work to neutralise any attempt

                                                             at polite intros. Covid won’t be still;
                                                             won’t be quiet; won’t be kind.
                                                             A cute beast new to the world.

                                                             Co has no fear of humans,
                                                             no idea of consequences
                                                             if he doesn’t calm down


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