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Mili Das is a bilingual poet from Kolkata, India. Her first poetry
                                                          book  'APEKSHA  KORCHHI  BANDI  KAFINE'  was  published  in
                                                          January  2019.  She    published  her  second  poetry  book
                                                          'RAJBHABANER  SAMNE'  and  third  English  poetry  book  "YOU
                                                          ARE STILL THERE".She was invited as a poet to Raj Bhaban,the
                                                          Governor house of West Bengal.
                                                          She has received many accolades for her poetry at West bengal
                                                          and  abroad.  Her  English  poetry  hasbeen  acclaimed  in  India,
                                                          America,  Virginia,  Colombia,  Romania,  Brazil,  Nigeria,  Berlin
                                                          Bangladesh, Germany,Spain and many more countries.

                                                     Mili Das, India

                                                            Pure World

                                                  You have destroyed many lives.
                                                  You have destroyed many families. Many people become destitute.
                                                  You brought fear into our life.

                                                  All arranged life has become chaotic.
                                                  We are afraid to touch anyone, just for you.
                                                  All lovers are confine in their house.
                                                  None of us has escaped from this epidemic.
                                                  Many children have lost their lives.

                                                  The rhythms of life have been cut.

                                                  Again the world be filled with joy.

                                                  Again the world be filled with festivals .
                                                  Let the minds of the people be filled with excitement.
                                                  Let the new day come again,
                                                  Without fear,We can embrace
                                                  with happiness.

                                                  Yes we will forget the fear
                                                  We will win again.
                                                  This germ will be removed from the earth.

                                                  We will be protected from infection.
                                                  The world will be cleansed again.
                                                  We will live anew.

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