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                                                                                A new dawn
                                                                                in a parallel universe,
                                                                                rays piercing through

                                                                                as flowers bloom basking in the glory!
                                                                                A new day
                                                                                in a parallel universe,
                                                                                winds blowing with gusto
                                                                                as people flock unafraid, unmasked!
                    Deeksha Raina is from India and                             A sublime evening
                    has    contributed      in    various                       in a parallel universe,
                    anthologies         and       literary                      the moonlight paving way
                    magazines.  She  has  recently                              as hospitals are no longer bleeding red!
                    compiled  her  own  anthology                               A starry twilight
                    titled   'Chasing     Hope!'     now                        in a parallel universe,

                    available on Amazon                                         streets are no longer empty
                                                                                as laughter echoes,
                    Deeksha Raina                                               resonating through the darkness!

                   Litterateur                                                                                           27

                           REDEFINING WORLD
                        EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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