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Not only do we care about their education.

                      We care about them.

                      On a normal school morning, A.M. at 7:45, my students line up at my classroom door
                      and give me a hand shake, high five, fist bump or hug to begin their day.

                      In  those  moments,  I  can  look  into  their  faces  and  listen  to  their  voices  and  know
                      deep in my teacher heart how they are doing.

                      Does  Jeremiah  have  a  tear  in  his  eye  and  a  frown  on  his  face?  If  he  does,  what’s

                      wrong? How can I help?

                      Did Aiyana have breakfast before she came to school? Is she hungry? I can send her
                      to the cafeteria for some food.

                      Emily is silent this morning. Is she being her shy self, or is their something weighing
                      on her mind and heart.

                      Why is Daniel smiling so big and brightly? How can I celebrate with him?

                      A Chromebook and an eLearning plan can’t do that.

                      So I close my eyes and see the faces of all of the children and all of the teachers and
                      all of the staff who bring life to our schools and make them a more human place to

                      I whisper a prayer of thanks for those whom are staying healthy and well by staying
                      home from school.

                      And I whisper a blessing for those whom school keeps fed and safe.

                                                                 Trevor Scott

                                                           Barton, Greenville,

                                                              SC, United States

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