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Trevor Scott Barton is a public school teacher and a writer in
                                                                                            Greenville, SC.

                                                                                Trevor Scott

                                                                      Barton, Greenville,

                                                                         SC, United States

                                                Teaching in a time of pandemic

                      It’s 7:45 A.M. on Tuesday March 17, 2020.

                      Normally on St. Patrick’s Day in public school, I joke with my students about wearing
                      green. We read a “how to” article about finding four leaf clovers. We go outside and

                      comb  the  school  grounds  for  the  Irish  symbol  of  good  luck.  We  write  about  our
                      adventure. We connect it to our study of plants. It brings a lot of eureka moments.
                      It’s a lot of fun.

                      But these are not normal times.

                      I’m sitting at my teaching table, looking out over an empty classroom.

                      My students are home for at least the next 10 school days.

                      We’re practicing ‘social distancing,’ a practice we’re implementing deeply and widely

                      as we try to ‘flatten the curve’ and keep the weakest and most vulnerable among us
                      from getting sick with Covid 19.

                      My school and I have been working hard to get eLearning plans and school supplies

                      together so our kids can learn while they are away from us.

                      We care about their education.

                      We want them to be prepared for their next grade.

                      We want them to do the best work they can do and be the best people they can be so
                      they can become all that they want to become.

                      I’m thankful we have the resources to help them while schools are closed.

                      Here’s the thing, though.
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