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Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a Nigerian poet, writer, thinker, hymnist,
                                                                a graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking
                                                                and Broadcasting.
                                                                She has published over two hundred and sixty poems in over
                                                                twenty  five  countries,  she  has  featured  in  over  sixty
                                                                international anthologies, and she has equally authored twenty
                                                                three poetry books, all published overseas.
                                                                Some of her poems have been translated and published in over
                                                                eight  languages  including  Farsi,  Arabic,  Khloe,  Russian,
                                                                Romanian, Macedonian, Spanish, Polish, among others.
                                                                She has been nominated for the BEST OF THE NET AWARDS
                                                                and PUSHCART PRIZE, she has worn several awards, some of
                                                                her  books  are  archived  in  the  United  States'  Library  of
                        Ngozi Olivia                            Congress, and she's also a tailor.

                  Osuoha, Nigeria

                                                                  THE RISE

                    We have to rise and shine                               Unconventional  light  shine,  uncommon
                    For we bear in us the light,                            light glow

                    Light of the world.                                     Fears rock, doubts roll,
                                                                            Stigmas row, dogmas crow
                    We are light                                            Discrimination rage, segregation cage
                    The torch and the lamp bearer,                          Cultures mesmerize, traditions massacre

                    We share and care.                                      Religion blind, hate banish
                                                                            Racism bury, rape kill
                    We rise, still we do                                    Violence truncate, violation rule
                    We have to, we need to                                  Laws quench, hunger and thirst advance.

                    We breed light,                                         Rise, dear women!
                    Let us light up the world.
                                                                            Step out, step up, step right
                    Rise, rise the rise                                     You are the rise

                    Arise,  shine,  light,  enlighten  the  darkAnd the rising sun
                    world                                                   Hope and beauty, glory and honour
                    Break the glass, shatter the ceiling                    Rise, shine your light!
                    The glass ceiling, the wooden

                    Natural and manmade barriers.                           Shatter the ceilings, all, all of them
                                                                            Break the stereotypes, dance
                                                                            Run the race, grace is enough
                                                                            Brace up, fall in, fall out!

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