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Ali Al Hazmi, Saudi Arabia

                     •Born  in  (Damad)  –  Saudi  Arabia  (1970).Participated  in  numerous  recitals  of  poetry  inside  and
                     outside of Saudi Arabia:
                     •International Poetry Festival Costa Rica 2013- Toledo, Spain 2014 - Punta del Este, Uruguay 2015-
                     Madrid.  Spain  2016-  Havana,  Cuba  2016-  Medellín,  Colombia  2016-Istanbul-Turkey,  2016-  Roma
                     2017- Romania 2017
                     •The  world  Grand  prize  (forPotery  )  International  Academy  Orient  -  Occident  in  Romania  2017.
                     Medalof  honor  to  the  poetic  and  literary  merit  in  the  XIV  Encuentro  Internacional  Poetas  y
                     Narradores De las Dos Orillas y 4o Congreso de Literatura 2015 , Punta del Este Uruguay. The
                     poem (A street through a wall ) Grand prize Verbumlandi- international poems - Italy 2017.
                     . Global Icon Award 2020 - Italy
                     He has published the following books of poetry:(Gate of the Body) Jeddah- 1993-(Losing)-Cairo
                     2000-(The gazelle drinks his image)-Beirut 2004- (Reassuring on the Edge)-Beirut 2009, (Now in
                     past ) Arab Cultural Center- Beirut , 2018
                     Arab and international critics wrote about his poetic production Has six printed books translated
                     to different languages:

                       (Tree of absence )Translated into French-lilDiston - France 2016
                       (Reassuring on the Edge) Translated into Spanish publishedby University
                     of Costa Rica Editorial 2013, House of Poetry Foundation.
                       (Reassuring on the Edge) Translated into French- larmatan - Paris 2016
                       (fragmentation of life) Translated into Turkish - Art Shop Istanbul -Turkey
                       ( A definite way in the mist)Translated into English and Romanian language -
                     Academy Orient - Occident - Romania 2017
                       (Take Me to My Body ) Translated into Serbia – Alma- Belgrade 2019


                        On threshold of the night,

                        They await the last evening to pass.
                        They eyes are filled with sorrow,
                        They forget themselves in the pathways of sin.

                        You think they are drunk because of the flames of estrangement From hopes they left
                        They are not.

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