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Leave it to Nature

                                                   In sweaty palms we held
                                                   a world filled with wonder

                                                   but our fingers were stained
                                                   with soot

                                                   – like a wall of shame
                                                   after a consuming fire

                                                   Our basic needs were met
                                                   by a plague of greed

                                                   as we plucked trees like berries
                                                   to make the devil’s paper
                                                   claiming  ownership  to  the  earth’s

                                                   in that revealing our true nature

                                                   The rain, it came in waves

                                                   a reign of terror
                                                   but the crops were drying

                                                   people were dying
                                                   while the oceans cried
                                                   as it took flight

                                                   thus, the plight of the coronavirus

                                                   Soon, the aeroplanes rested
                                                   and the birds reached for the sky
                                                   busy bees began to make honey

                                                   as the world naturally purged
                                                   of humans without any humanity

                                                   Now is our time to let go
                                                   and reflect

                                                   to give the earth a chance

                                                   to take a deep breath

                                                Ekta Somera, South Africa

                    Litterateur                                                                                          21

                          REDEFINING WORLD
                        EDITED BY SHAJIL ANTHRU
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