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Ekta Somera is a South African poet and author of Made in Poetry.
                                                          She  is  a  part-time  criminology  major  and  a  full-time  visionary
                                                          leader. From writing and reviewing books to hosting a radio show
                                                          and making a difference,  she fulfils her passion to inspire young
                                                          people  through  various  youth  initiatives  and  community  service.
                                                          Ekta  lives  by  the  words  of  Martin  Luther  King  Jr.  “If  I  cannot  do
                                                          great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

                                                           Ekta Somera, South Africa

                        Keeping Faith                                               Confined to Hope

                       We washed our hands                                        For curious minds who carry

                       until our palms turned sore                                a landscape of imagination
                       but now the virus                                          ten little fingers aren’t enough

                       is knocking at our door                                    to count each day
                       We wear a piece of cloth                                   in lockdown

                       to mask our fear
                       but for how long                                           - as it passes
                       can we ignore                                              Ripped away from friends

                       an unwanted visitor                                        and familiarity
                       The sun rises                                              -

                       with the statistics                                        a daunting reality creeps
                       and the day remains dark                                   as children furtively peep

                       as the people we know                                      at the empty playground
                       become the people we knew                                  In the midst of absolute chaos

                       We may have lost hope                                      every child is a ray of sunshine
                       but we still have faith                                    for as long as there is hope
                       as we distance in unity                                    a rainbow will appear

                       and pray for every country                                 once the storm clears

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