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I corresponded with many poets in South-Asia. I asked them for their sublime
                      poems  and  their  approval  to  translate  them.  Then  I  entered  into  the  world  of

                      feelings,  thoughts,  experience  and  mind.  There  were  a  variety  of  luminosity,
                      patterns and also darkness here and there. The feelings and emotions people
                      are alike irrespective of the values, culture and language they are mingled with.

                      I  was  astounded.  I  was  illuminated  by  the  gleam  within  their  poems.  I  felt
                      people’s  heart  through  emotions  and  feelings.  At  many  times  I  felt  like  I  am

                      meeting the god, overcoming the selfishness I was seeking blessings and being
                      blessed. Every day, I always pray to god – oh god, I wish I never have an ego

                      and I have never tired of working. I wish I am able to create something that is
                      useful to all mankind in this world.

                      One  day  I  stepped  outside  my  little  world  of  poems  and  then  I  realized  that
                      unknowingly I have already formed a connection with many creative people in

                      South  Asia.  This  connection  is  expanding  to  entire  Asia,  Europe,  American
                      continent and Africa too. I think, this is an immense asset of mine, and blessing

                      in life. Garnering this, I can do a lot of work.

                      As  I  am  writing  this  right  now,  the  Second  wave  of  COVID  has  grasped  my
                      surrounding  and  the  world.  And,  again  with  another  government  notice  of

                      lockdown, people see me confined within my house. But to tell the truth, I am
                      not confined within my house. I am yet again out to explore the world. This is

                      another  chance  for  me  to  create  materials  that  evoke  hope  and  motivation  to
                      live in humankind. I am once again going to in a state of profound reflection for


                                                        Bhisma Upreti, Nepal


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