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Immense Happiness

                                                    You awoke even today morn

                                                    that for you is for now
                                                    your biggest happiness.

                                                    Being sorrowful

                                                    and full of tearful woes
                                                    no reason have you to be so.
                                                    For Nature readily bestows smiles

                                                    and colourful hues.

                                                    Rise into gratefulness oh man.
                                                    Sing tunes of humbleness.

                                                    Songs of hope and faith.
                                                    Your heart’s strumming a melody

                                                    in tandem with your dynamic breath
                                                    and raring to go eagerly
                                                    are your feet.

                           In  this  way,  I  wrote  fifty  poems,  essays  and  memoirs.  Discontentment,

                           depression  and  suffocation  did  not  get  a  chance  to  set  an  eye  on  me.  I
                           embraced  the  life  and  nature  that  I  had  never  witnessed  and  experienced

                           before. We all are aware that life does not always pan out the way we think.
                           We can never control time. But, we can best utilize it in favor of life.

                           I  started  watering  the  plants  in  the  morning  and  in  the  evening.  I  started
                           digging the land. They looked delighted and they started speaking to me.

                           They  began  to  welcome  me  when  I  returned  home.  The  plants  were
                           becoming  greener;  I  began  to  see  them  sway  to  the  gentle  breeze.  Birds

                           sang  and  twirled  in  the  branches  of  these  trees.  I  realized  my  life  was
                           muddled up in rush, ambition and helter-skelter, I learned to live life from

                           nature.  I  could  scrutinize  the  demon  and  divinity  within  me  and  I  became
                           capable  of  achieving  the  happiness,  contentment  and  meaning  that  I


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