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I however, accepted the bitter truth when the entire world is under the fear of the
                      pandemic. The birds and butterflies fluttering in my garden unveiled this secret to
                      me.  I  got  an  opportunity  to  weld  the  broken  chain  of  life,  to  complete  some

                      unfinished works as well as to start some meaningful work. I got a chance to be
                      familial, feel and be close to nature and experience it when world was becoming

                      individualist. I am grateful towards nature and time.
                      I  never  felt  the  burden  of  the  situation  where  COVID  had  cut  off  my  wings  ever

                      again. I never felt stifled even for a moment. There were books around me as my
                      friends. They wanted me to touch them, throw myself into them and wander in their

                      surreal  world.  They  did  not  want  me  to  waste  any  time  and  be  upset  even  for  a
                      moment. I have always had books with me, but they were merely there with me. I
                      built  a  profound  friendship  with  books  during  the  lockdown.  Wow!  Life  was  like

                      filled  with  colors,  like  fragrant  flowers  blooming  in  different  colors  in  spring;
                      thoughts  were  entering  through  new  windows  like  sunbeams  brightening  the

                      clouded world. How do I exactly express this feeling?
                      One book never spoke ill about me to another book in my absence. All the books

                      became equally endearing to me. Some made me happy by entertaining me. Some
                      gave me courage to face the darkness and taught me a way to accept dark fragment

                      of life and opened my drowsy eyes. Some gave me divine knowledge and showed
                      me  the  way  ahead  and  made  me  traversed  the  world.  But,  none  of  them  asked
                      anything out of me, none of them were mad at me.

                      I have another friend as well, my laptop. I switched on my laptop and I wrote


                      When an invisible virus
                      Chuckled  stepping  on  the  supreme  ego

                      of human,
                      the sprinting city
                      Came to an abrupt halt

                      Time was locked down
                      And suddenly died -                                       The small garden in my house

                      All haste                                                 Let out a rainbow smile
                      Frantic scurrying                                         And welcomed me with open arms

                      Excesses, jealousy and dissatisfaction.

                                                                                Amazingly  the  sweet  fragrance  of  love
                      Chirping of birds                                         filled the air
                      Started ushering in days                                  after  returning  in  the  embrace  of  joyous
                      And also bidding them adieu                               nature

                      Infinite sky smirked an azure tinge                       our lives were infused with life.
                      reflecting the zeal of life

                      And far off ancient white mountains                       Another day, I again penned my feelings-
                      Resurrected to offer their blessings

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