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One  day  I  listened  to  BK  Shivani’s  exposition.  She  said  that  the  two  words
                      expect(ation)  and  accept(ance)  may  sound  similar  but  has  vast  difference.  In  the
                      word  expectation  our  selfish  nature  is  reflected,  wherein  we  think  everything

                      should be in accordance with how we want it to be. Acceptance has commitment
                      and sacrifice, wherein we accept things the way it is. Expectation is an ingredient to

                      our anguish. Acceptance lessens our pain and brings us peace. In the initial days of
                      lockdown  I  also  had  expectations.  But  both  nature  and  time  are  not  things  that

                      would run conforming to my expectations. As Shivani said, expectation was making
                      me discontent. In the crack of the dawn, when I heard content birds singing and

                      saw those embracing the nature with their wings spread wide open, when I saw the
                      sun  giving  us  warmth  through  the  infinite  blue  sky  without  any  expectation,  I
                      experienced life. My expectations turned into acceptance. This added unbounded

                      zealousness,  exuberance  and  creativeness  within  me.  I  began  to  experience
                      spirituality of life.

                      I have a poet friend in Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh, whom I call sister with
                      regards  and  endearment.  She  writes  good  poems,  essays  and  criticism.  She  has

                      translated poems of the infamous poets Actovio Paz and Silvia Plath into Bangla
                      and published it. She teaches in college. She is impassioned. Often times she gets

                      distraught and emotional over small instances that happen in society. She says “I
                      cannot work, I am frustrated. COVID killed so many people. What was their fault?
                      Why do only impoverished people die of COVID?”

                      I do not have answer to her questions. But I ask her – ‘do you have the potential to
                      stop this? Can you bring all the deprived people of this world out of poverty?’

                      She says- ‘No I don’t, I can’t’ ‘
                      Then why do upset yourself over things that are beyond your capacity? You have to

                      accept the situation and not have an expectation. You be creative. The only way to
                      triumph over this distress is to be creative as much as one can be. The nature has

                      perhaps given this time for this purpose. You should rise above the distress and
                      focus on yourself.’ I tell her.
                      She instantly becomes happy and continues to do her creative work.However, until

                      she experiences this truth herself and appreciates the lushness of trees outside her
                      house, the limitlessly flowing streams, the blue sky, and the whiff of the flowers in

                      the air and take inspiration from them, her happiness will be short-lived. She will be
                      deprived from the eternal bliss.
                      Shivani put my thought and experience into words. The world does not run as my

                      friend thinks. Nature has its own rules, pace and destiny. Us people have time and
                      again exploited and destroyed the nature in the name of development, prosperity

                      and  civilization,  appeasing  our  ego.  We  have  shed  blood  of  innocent  ones  and
                      stripped many delicate dreams. We obstructed the rule and pace of the nature over

                      and over again. Whether life or nature, it becomes difficult if the flow is broken. But
                      I am being unable to make her understand this. I see her being upset recurrently.

                       She is merely an example. There are many people like her in this world.

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