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Submissions invited

         GUIDELINES                            GUIDELINES FOR Litterateur RW

         REFLECTOEM                We are open to submissions through the year and we publish the
                                   magazine on a monthly basis.
                                   The categories we consider for publication includes:
        The categories we
            consider for           Fiction
            publication            Poetry
          includes Flash           Non fiction
        fiction, Poetry and        Paintings and Photos
              artwork.             Book Reviews and essays
       Submissions should          Submissions should be sent to with a
             be sent to            subject line stating your last name, the genre of your piece, and the
       litterateurrw@gmai          word “Submission” (ex: Alice Fiction Submission). We accept the with a subject        following file types: doc, and .docx. Please do NOT send PDFs. In the
        line “Reflectoem”          body of the email, please include a brief self-introduction. All work

          along with the           should be in a 12 point-typeface in a standard font (Times New
         photograph and            Roman, Calibri, Cambria, and Arial). We welcome authors to include
       three line bio of the       paintings or photos relevant to the submissions.
           author/artist.           Please note that the prefered word count for fiction is less than
          (Please include          2000
           your country)           Copyright reverts to the author upon publication. If you are
                                   accepted for publication, please understand that we reserve the

                                   right to make minor edits to your piece (punctuation, small matters
                                   of word choice, etc). Larger revisions will be requested.
                                   We do not have any reading fees and we do not pay for the work.
                                   Authors are requested to be the members of our Facebook and
                                   subscribe our Youtube channel and regular visitor to our website.
                                   Occasionally we publish videos of the work and authors. Authors
                                   are requested to cooperate with us in the production of the video.
                                   We also accept submissions (poetry only) to Globy category.
                                   Submissions other than in English language is accepted here with
                                   its translation. A short description of the language and the country
                                   shall be included along with the submission to this category.
                                   Also we appreciate published authors to take snapshots of their
                                   work and circulate. We would be grateeful of you share our website
                                   link .

        litterateur                            7                                     january 2021
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